It Happened One Night Part Two

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Two gorgeous, happily married women, Lena Paul and Abigail Mac, are having a girls' getaway at the Victoria Hotel. After a long day of shopping, they return to their rooms and get settled in for a calm evening of wine and a movie. Instead, they discover that they have to admit to one another how they really feel about their respective marriages. It comes out that both ladies have unmet aspirations that their spouses are unable to fulfill. Could they possibly provide each other with what the other needs? Lena tells Abigail that she's engaged in "life-altering" sex with other women. Abigail kisses her companion passionately as she is overcome with lust and curiosity for her. Lena licks and kisses Abigail's pussy after some sensual making out, and then the girls trade places. They engage in sit, 69, and scissor until they are more fully happy than their husbands ever could be with them.

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