A Blonde, A Brunette, And A Mouth Full of Cum (Part 1)

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Tiffany and Anita are a couple (42 mins) Tiffany is a great show-stopper. She understands exactly what she wants out of life and isn't hesitant to let the world know that she's here to stay. She's lived in Las Vegas for a long time and has seen a lot of things and had a lot of fascinating adventures. Tiffany told me that she enjoys partying and clubbing, and that she is even writing songs and hopes to be a performer one day. When I asked her why she wants to work in the adult industry, she responded she loves sex and money comes second... That's my kind of chick! I enjoyed talking with Tiffany; she's a fascinating young lady, and I couldn't wait to strip her down and feel her young, smooth body. Because I had another female, Anita, coming to my office, I prepared a special surprise for Tiffany. Anita had never done porn before, so I though it would be a nice opportunity to give her some practice. These two were meant to be together, and they were licking each other's pussies like it was a thing of the past. I couldn't stand it any longer and decided to join the celebration. It wasn't long until my cock was on the verge of exploding. And that's exactly what I did to poor Anita's behind. But I wasn't done with these gals just yet....

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