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Lisa is a woman who has a (56 mins) My friend's daughter reminded me of this young blonde with her shapely titties. She stated that she was 18 years old and that this was her first time attending a casting. She wasn't bashful, to be sure, and as soon as I spotted her strolling down the street, I knew I had to give her my business card, as well as something extra, if you know what I mean. Her bra strap sagged down over her shoulder made her look incredibly sexy, and the way she was answering my questions in a playful manner told me she was going to be a goer. I showed her a photo of a female with large breasts, which generated a conversation regarding natural vs. silicone breasts; in the end, we agreed that natural breasts were far superior. I showed her several of my coworkers and informed her about my career in the fashion sector and on television. She was eager to strip off her clothing and start sucking my cock as soon as she heard this. When I gave her a dildo, I expected her to put it up her pussy as any normal girl would. But not this one; she went straight for the a**hole. I could tell right away that this was going to be an anal session.

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