Brunette Spreads Her Ass Wide

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Katerina is a Russian actress (45mins) In the porno business, confidence is a nice thing to have, but I wasn't sure what to think when this enormous boobed, tattooed female with 5 piercings stepped in. She was eager to meet when she first contacted me a few months back, but she stated she had to wait for reasons I didn't understand. When we met and she told me she had recently turned 18, everything became evident. Despite the fact that she appeared to be in her mid-twenties, I double-checked her ID to make sure she wasn't lying. Her strange, weird personality did not sit well with me, and she made me feel nervous. She did have two outstanding things to compensate for it, however: a fantastic set of natural breasts. I fed her the standard lines and got to work. She didn't know much but tried her hardest to impress, and she certainly made some strange looks. Her age and demeanor suggested to me that she might be waiting outside with an enraged boyfriend or her father. Before forcing her to swallow my load, I didn't spend any time fucking her mouth, tits, and pussy. It could be time to leave Prague.

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