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Adrianna is a young woman with a lot of (47mins) I almost peed my pants the first time this baby-faced girl strolled into the office. I was extremely excited because she was 19 years old and had the most outstanding beautiful face, eyes, and luscious lips, but things went awry as soon as I started caressing her. Makes sense, doesn't it? The girl wants to make porno but doesn't want anybody (well, me) to touch her. I created this a two-part film because, sure, she apologized and returned, enticed by the prospect of making her thousands of dollars. She was ready for what she'd have to do if she wanted a (fake) job from a (fake) casting agent this time! I was only inside her for a minute before I released a little come into her pussy since it was so warm and moist. To avoid any further complications, I covered it up and proceeded on as if nothing had happened, simply making her clean her pussy. I had a lot of fun fucking with this girl because she had a pretty nice vagina and even tried anal. She had a movie star face, in my opinion, and she looked gorgeous even if she was painted by a large cum shot. If she can get a legitimate model agent to represent her, I believe she could do porn.

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