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Christine is a woman who has a (60 mins). This gorgeous Romanian showed up at my office searching for work, and when she stated she'd do anything, I knew it was going to be a great day. She works as a server in a wine bar, and I decided it was time for her to serve me with whatever I wanted. She has an exceptionally lean figure and was initially bashful, hesitant to give up the goods straight immediately because she had a lover she adored. I explained that in this line of employment, she must collaborate with other lads in order to obtain the gold. Euros, at the very least. She was bruising her own lungs with my kinked warrior as soon as that first tiny hesitancy was passed. She was a fantastic fuck; she could manipulate her body like an athlete on my couch, and she was soon coating my solid cock in her secretions as she approached. The only cloud in such a beautiful day occurred when she claimed she didn't enjoy the taste of sperm and couldn't clean off the old skin flute with her lovely lips because she didn't like the flavor of sperm. This one will stick with me for a long time, and her sucking and fucking abilities could land her a job in the adult industry. If she'd just gone to the appropriate person...

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