Fake Agent: She Sucks Good And Fucks Even Better

She Sucks Good And Fucks Even Better

Iveta (53mins) When a girl walks through my door wearing a shirt saying 'Make me Smile' strewn across her chest, that's exactly what I'm going to do. A female taxi driver, tired of her job, boyfriend bought her fake tits and then dumped her, on the rebound, thinks about doing porn to make money and get back at him. It's a classic Hollywood rom-com story, maybe starring Ben Stiller and that one with the big hair from Friends. She was a great sucker and an even better fucker, while she was impaled on me she came which put me in a good mood. She told me her new tits were a bit sensitive so I grabbed hold of them as I fucked her up against the wall, she responded by telling me to fuck her harder, result. She had quite a uniquely shaped face, resembling a kind of sexy, female Buzz Lightyear. I'd only masturbated once that morning so I could feel a big load coming on. Unfortunately for Miss Lightyear she didn't have her helmet on when I blew a monster load all over her cartoon face.

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