Slim Blonde Needs To Handle A Thick Dick For Work

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Vikki is a woman that has a lot of (26 mins) I had to ask Zsofi back for another casting because I wanted to see how she would act if she wasn't accompanied by Vikki. I told her I'd be able to get her plenty of employment, but first I needed to see how she'd handle having a cock inside her and what moves she had... It didn't take much persuasion to get her out of her clothing since, let's face it, she'd spent the last half hour licking cock and pussy. This time, however, I was going to get to fuck her, which made me very happy. We resumed our conversation, and she began licking my helmet with her tongue. Her pussy was fantastic, so I wasted no time in slipping it into her and pumping away.... Because she was so tight, I couldn't stop the fluids from flowing and ended up juicing all over her small arse.... Yes, I'm delighted I contacted Zsofi again for some more fun.

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