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Karman (48mins) This Slovakian girl had a huge mouth, and I don't mean the good sort that can deep throat a cock; rather, she was Ò€chopsy,Ò€ as my British friends would put it. She started joking about how filthy my office was and how full of chocolate my kitchen was (I had the munchies last night). As I gradually gained the upper hand in this interview, her confidence instilled in me, and in the end, she understood it was tits-or-get-the-fuck-out. Her buddy had told her about my modeling agency, and she stated that she had previously done homemade porn with her girlfriends, so she went the extra mile in this casting. Her tanned young physique and natural small lady bumps appealed to me, as did her tattoos and piercings; she had an edge! She also smelt fantastic, like a horny mix of female ovulation and high-end perfume. I decided to be careful and pump my juice over her warm body because she appeared to be fertile. I blocked her phone number as soon as she left my office because she said something about bringing her boyfriends from her area at the end. I'm having trouble finding work for males who want to be porn actors. Who am I kidding, I can't find anyone a job!

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