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I was looking forward to a large scotch at the local boozer as the week came to a close, but I still had one more interview to do. Zoe was an adult performer/ex-stripper from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who wanted to pursue a career in pornography in the United Kingdom. Of course, she'd arrived at the correct location... sort of... Anyway, she had a terrific set of legs, nice natural tits, and a fantastic arse. It didn't take long for me to sink my fingers deep into her very wet pussy while she was hunting for porn employment. Then, after she sucked my cock, I decided to see how far she'd go by having her lick my arse. It was fucking wonderful how she nuzzled at my arse like a famished pig. Then she almost ruined it by shoving one of her piggies up my arse. Easy sweetie, surprised, taken aback. I said, "Take that out of there." That is a one-way street only. Anyway, I began fucking her slippery wet hole in various positions, and then decided to end by cumming on her face... However, she had pointed my cock directly in front of her eyes, so I emptied both barrels into her left eye, gluing it shut. This is what I like to call Karma in action. You hot, but filthy minx, keep your digits out of men's bottoms.

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