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While chatting with Zara today, I noticed that she'd been duped by my friend Jon before. I did warn her that there are some shady persons, possibly false agents, but I am certain I told her the truth. It's a complete fuckup. Zara was into latex, as well as bondage, domineering, water sports, and fisting, among other obsessions. To say the least, this girl was a bit of a risk taker. So I told her that I needed to prepare a tape for the corporations, and that if they liked what they saw, she'd be hired. She appeared to be a little shady, but she was stripped naked none the less. What a bunch of phony tits. Good job, too; round, large, and bouncing, with a pretty gorgeous pussy on top of it. Even when I was fingering and tonguing her pussy, she didn't orgasm, which didn't concern me because all I wanted to do was get my shaft lodged deep into her velvet hole. I used my long cock after she gave me a bit of a blow job. Fucking that pussy in a variety of positions felt great, and it culminated with me getting her to wank me off and blowing a wad of come all over her tits and face. Zara, you brightened my day, albeit it's a shame you didn't swallow, because most girls do... They do, don't they?

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