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I'm Mr. Huff, and I manage a small model agency in the United States where I interview beautiful ladies who want to be top models. The only problem is that I, too, am a phony agency, and there are no modeling jobs available, only a casting couch and a crash course in hardcore pornography. As you can see, I wasn't born with the benefit of height, but I make up for it in length and girth. Now, let's get down to business. I forwarded this tape to a friend in London to show him how I work in the United States. Today's model was a lovely Florida girl with aspirations to model underwear and swimwear. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't on the menu, and after I persuaded her that doing nude photo shoots could earn her thousands of dollars, she was more than willing to strip. Once she was nude, she admitted that one of her fantasies was to have sex with a midget, so I didn't waste any time and demanded that she give me a blowjob if she wanted any work. She began working on my shaft and touching my balls in a matter of seconds. It got a lot wetter, hotter, and dirtier from there, and you'll have to watch and see for yourself. I hope you enjoy my handy work, since there's much more to come! Over and out, Mr. Huff.

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