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As much as I enjoy having new girls in my workplace, nothing beats getting another go at a winner like Eva Johnson. As soon as she entered into my office, my dick stiffened up as I remembered the last time she let me go balls deep in her tight Euro pussy. Eva stood even taller in her high heels than I recalled her standing, tall and slim as she prepared to test for a double anal scene in Brazil. Eva shook and bounced her juicy ass while bending over and pulling up her jean shorts so I could view her camel toe. Eva undressed and spread her ass cheeks so I could have a good view at her bald pussy and asshole from behind. Eva's pussy was so moist from masturbating on the couch that she was ready for me to warm her up for anal sex with my own version of the shocker: two fingers up the butt and one in her delicious pussy. Eva squirted all over my hands, wonderfully lubing up my cock before I fucked her in the ass, then gave her a massive thick facial in return!

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