Fake Agent UK: Sex and Candi

Sex and Candi

Candi Cox, sounded like a porn name I thought. As it turned out she did indeed fuck for money. Candi was from the States looking to increase her porn profile in the UK. Sorry love you read the wrong newspaper advert, there's no money or profile to be increased here. So I told her my agency was pretty exclusive and paid huge amounts of money for very little work. As you can probably guess her kit didn't stay on for very long after that. And boy was I glad of that, she had an enormous sets of tits accompanied by a sleek tanned figure, long legs and a great arse. It wasn't long before I had my fingers wedged into her tight little pussy warming her right up ready for my cock. But hold your horses, before that I had to test her cock sucking skills, which I must say were admirable. She nearly got the whole length down her gullet but the good old gag reflex kept triggering and shooting my cock back out. 8 out of 10 for effort though. After this I didn't waste any time getting my cock into action, fucking her pussy for all it's worth, and she fucking loved it. The harder and faster I fucked her, the more sexual moans came out of her mouth. Though, as we lads know the louder a woman's pleasure moans get the sooner we men cum... As she was fucking me in cowgirl her moans and tight pussy had done their job and I unloaded wads of man muck deep in her pussy. I'm glad she was my last interview of the week because I was fucking spent. Fucked, but satisfied. Enjoy.

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