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Candi Cox sounded like a pornographic name to me. She did actually fuck for money, as it turned out. Candi was a pornstar from the United States who wanted to boost her career in the United Kingdom. Sorry, sweetheart, you misread the newspaper ad; there's no money or status to be gained here. So I told her about my agency, which was pretty exclusive and paid a lot of money for a small amount of work. As you can expect, her outfit didn't stay on for long after that. And boy was I delighted, since she had a massive set of tits to go along with a sleek tanned physique, long legs, and a huge arse. I had my fingers crammed inside her tight little pussy in no time, warming her up nicely for my cock. But wait your horses, I had to put her cock sucking talents to the test first, which I must admit were impressive. She almost got the entire length down her gullet before her gag reflex kicked in and shot my cock back out. However, I give it an 8 out of 10 for effort. Following that, I wasted no time in putting my cock to work, fucking her pussy for all it was worth, and she fucking loved it. The more sexual moans came out of her mouth the harder and faster I fucked her. However, as we guys are well aware, the louder a woman's pleasure moans become, the sooner we men will succumb... Cowgirl's groans and tight pussy had done their job, and I unleashed wads of man muck deep in her pussy while she was fucking me in. I was fucking spent, so I'm glad she was my last interview of the week. I'm fucked, but I'm happy. Enjoy.

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