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I enjoy a juicy booty, and today was my fortunate day. I was simply spending a lunch break in my car, viewing some old footage of me fucking nasty prostitutes on my camcorder. However, something attracted my attention. I noticed a tanned woman approaching me as she walked through the fields. As she walked past my car, she appeared exhausted, so I rolled down my window and waved her over. I told her to get into my car after a little talk so I could probe her further. She informed me she had been to a rave all night and was exhausted. I assumed she was returning home from a late-night shagfest on the 'walk of shame,' but she told me that wasn't the case. I informed her that I needed to search her in case she was in possession of any illicit narcotics. She was really cooperative and consented to let me check her sultry body over the hood of my car. My cock sprung into life as soon as I got a feel for her lovely Brazilian booty. This lovely bitch needed to be fucked. She said she wasn't in a hurry and that she liked people in uniform, so I fucked her tight pussy over my vehicle bonnet after a terrific blowjob in my car. We were unfortunately interrupted by passers-by, so we decided to finish up in the car.

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