Fake Cop: Brazilian Booty stopped and searched

Brazilian Booty stopped and searched

I do like a nice juicy booty, and today was my lucky day. I was simply sitting in my car taking a lunch break and watching some of the old footage of me fucking dirty sluts on my camcorder. But something caught my eye. I saw a tanned looking women walk through the fields towards me. She looked a little tired as she walked passed my car, so I wound my window down and called her over. After ra brief conversation, I told her to get into my car so I could question her some more. She told me that she had been to an all night rave and she was very tired. I just presumed she was doing the ‘walk of shame’ home after a late night shagfest, but she told me that didn’t get fucked. I told her that I needed to search her incase she had and illegal substances on her. She was very compliant and agreed to letting me search her sexy body over my car bonnet. As soon as I got a feel of her sexy Brazilian booty, by cock sprang into life. I needed to fuck this sexy bitch. She told me that she was in no rush and she loved guys in uniform, so after a great blowjob in my car, I fucked her tight pussy over my car bonnet. Unfortunately for us, were interrupted by people passing by, so we decided to finish off in the car.

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