Robbery Leads to Hotel Sex for Cop

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Reception dispatched me to speak with their visitor Steffany, who was travelling from Croatia and had reported several items stolen. When the door opened and a lovely, leggy blonde stood there in a tight little dress, I was stunned! I told her I'd talk to the cleaning lady and the neighbors about it, but first we'd have to figure out what was missing from the room. I told Steffany she was really attractive as we walked through the merchandise and offered to take her about the city. The beauty appeared to be keen in having some fun, but then informed me that she required me for something in the next room. She shoved me down into the bed as I followed her! After a long day on the job, it felt so good to have her mouth wrapped around my cock, and to see her lovely ass bouncing on my dick? So I slammed it again and again, and soon I sprayed thick cum everywhere! I promised gorgeous Steffany that I would meet her later, after work, and that maybe this time I would be able to last a bit longer.

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