Slutty Brit Gets a Facial from a Cop

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When this blonde girl staggered out of the woods, looking like she'd had a long night, I was shooting a shot of my new costume. I decided to follow her because she was just my type of crazy. Chantelle was her name, and she was on vacation, according to the foolish twat. When I asked her for a selfie, she didn't hesitate to pull out her tits. The eager minx dropped down and sucked my entire cock in her mouth after I had a small lick on her pierced nipple. And the filthy cunt wasn't even wearing underwear! I instructed her to extend her arms against a neighboring wall as I rogered her from behind, then I got her to put her hands up so I could give her a hard facefucking. Let me tell you, watching my come drip all over that slut's face and tits made my fucking day.

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