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Alexxa Vice, one of my students, is a total babe. Let's get that out in the open. I suppose she realizes how much I'll miss her when she's gone. Maybe I was too harsh on her for revving so high. I believed we had a nice rapport, and she expressed an interest in continuing for three, four, or five more lessons, but Alexxa stated that she needed her test as soon as possible. As a result, I took a gamble. I said that if she fails, I could take the gorgeous alt-girl out for a drink, and if she succeeds, she could do the same for me. Alexxa, on the other hand, had a better idea. She offered to sort me out once we were alone so I would feel better about her abandoning the lessons. She massaged her hand through my pants on my cock. I recall I was giggling as she pulled out her big tits and began bobbing on my dick. I can't say I hadn't imagined myself in that situation before. Right in front of the mean orange machine, I fucked her tight little arse. The highlight of my year was witnessing her cum. She claimed that I wasn't the shy guy she had imagined. For the nerdy educator, it's a win!

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