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Anissa Jolie had traveled from Hungary to the United Kingdom for school, so she enrolled at Fake Driving School's driving classes in order to obtain a British license and drive to school. Anissa explained that she was used to driving manual automobiles and only needed to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road. Anissa got into the driver's seat after I gave her a quick refresher course on the pedals, clutch, and steering wheel, and then she attempted to drive 10 feet. I had questioned her several times if she could drive in manual mode, but she ultimately revealed that she could only drive in automatic mode. I was furious, so I drove her back to the testing center, where she requested additional lessons. When I asked how she planned to pay, she whipped out her enormous tits! She took down her jeans and let me finger her as I felt her pierced nipples. She blew me off, then rode my cock until I landed on her pussy!

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