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I'd had enough of Ryan getting me into trouble, so I called the FDS test board and decided to become an instructor myself. Before the exam, Ryan was in the car with Katy and me, and the pipsqueak wouldn't stop talking. Take a clue, Ryan: Katy and I are both mad at you! We dropped my "friend's" ass off after some resistance, and the instructor examination began. We went over the basics of indications and lights, and I thought the driving section went well, even if Katy's enormous tits were distracting me. Ms. Jayne said I'd done well enough, but she needed someone who could please her. She seemed to like herself based on the way she moaned when she sat on my cock! I fucked Katy's tight pussy all over the Mean Orange Machine after she gave me a wonderful blowjob. She didn't even wipe my come off her face after a steamy fuck before congratulating me on being the newest member of the FDS team!

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