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Amaris is in the car for her final class at Fake Driving School, and she informs her instructor, Ricky Rascal, that she is still scared behind the wheel. Amaris can hardly move the handbrake and has problems manipulating the gear stick. Ricky calms her nerves by telling her she'll do great, and then they're on their way. It's a rocky ride, and Amaris eventually pulls over to admit she's not prepared for the exam. Ricky says she can take more classes, but Amaris is unable to do so due to a lack of funds. She requests for a discount and then displays her huge boobs to Ricky! Ricky's hand is taken by the blonde chick and placed between her legs so he may finger her warm pussy. Amaris takes out her teacher's cock, gives him a blowjob, and then gets atop it to suck it deep within her. Ricky fucks Amaris' shaved pussy before pulling away and cumming on it.

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