New Learner Has a Secret Surprise

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brunette with curly hair Lola Rae claims to have taken driving lessons prior to enrolling at LearnFDS, but you'd never know! She couldn't operate the clutch, had forgotten about the handbrake, and didn't correctly change gears. We ended up flying backwards numerous times into a tree, and Lola even let my ferocious orange machine crash into the curb at one point! I found myself shrieking at the adorable young girl. I tried to explain to Lola that she would require a large number of lessons, but she was more interested in anything else from me. So, apparently, some videos of my courses have been circulating online that are, to put it mildly, less than professional. And it appears that Lola viewed some of these videos and developed a crush on me. I mean, I thought she was bashful, but she was flashing me her pierced nipples and offered to deepthroat my cock before I knew it! So I did it once more. I banged a student. He is only 19 years old. But I'll tell you this: I'm not going to transmit the footage to my buddy this time!

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