Fake Driving School: New Learner Has a Secret Surprise

New Learner Has a Secret Surprise

Curly-haired brunette cutie Lola Rae claims to have taken driving lessons before coming to LearnFDS, but you would never tell! She couldn't use the clutch, forgot all about the handbrake, and didn't change gears properly. We ended up going backwards several times towards a tree, and at one point, Lola even let my mean orange machine hit the curb! I found myself yelling at the little sweetheart. I tried to explain to Lola that she would need a lot of lessons, but it turned out, she was interested in something else from me. So apparently some videos of my lessons have been showing up online that are, let's say, for argument's sake, somewhat less than professional. And apparently Lola saw some of these videos and developed a little crush on yours truly. I mean, I thought the little darling was shy, but before I knew it, she was flashing me her pierced nipples and offering to deepthroat my cock! So I did it again. I fucked a learner. Just 19 years old. But I will tell you this: this time, I won't be stupid enough to send the video to my mate!

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