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So it finally occurred today. When my supervisor called to ask me about some movies that he'd been getting calls about, I was with new pupil Barbie Sins, who looks just like her name implies. It appears that the private videos I provided to my friend have made their way into the internet! I made the blunder of putting him on speaker, which meant the attractive blonde overheard the entire conversation. I had to tell her how these girls took advantage of my pleasant personality, professionalism, and driving instructor skills. I mean, what they did was nearly witchcraft! Barbie insisted on receiving her lesson for free, or she would publicly shame me on social media. Then she demanded free lessons till her test, and she demanded to see what I had done with the other girls! I was in enough difficulty as it was, but I knew what I needed to do. Barbie yanked her enormous fake tits out of her top, and I fucked the stunning bombshell to save my career, take one for the team, and maintain LearnFDS' integrity! I sucked her large boobs and beat her with all my might until she begged for my cum. I'm hoping my employer watches this video. Then he'll see how dedicated and useful an employee I am.

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