Teen Drives Her Instructor Bonkers

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I believe I lost my cool a little and tossed Pixee out of the car in the practice parking lot because she couldn't drive for shit today and I'd just had a dispute with the wife. To be honest, I did return to get her! I'm not a bad man in the least. And, against my better judgment, I found myself confiding in Pixee about my marital woes, who was reassuring and lovely. As she told me I needed to relax more, her hand slid up my leg towards my cock, then she yanked it out of my jeans and wrapped her warm lips around it. It was really fantastic. I pulled Pixee's clothing off and banged that gorgeous pussy until I couldn't remember my wife's name because I was already in deep. What's more, you know what? My wife shouldn't expect me to keep my dick in my pants around all these attractive students if she doesn't want to come over for dinner every now and then or give her doting hubby a little rub and tug!

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