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Goran Abramovic waved to his girlfriend as we departed after picking him up for his driving test. Goran, a moustached blonde, was acting quite uneasy and kept making blunders; I saw him glancing at my enormous tits. I informed the tattooed stud that I would be testing him one last time by measuring the size of his cock! I was pleased by how huge it was when he whipped it out. I licked Goran's brittle gearstick before taking the wheel by jumping on top of him and riding him like a cowgirl. Jennier Mendez, Goran's girlfriend, unexpectedly confronted us as we were having fun! While I played with the sexy brunette's large fake boobs, Goran stepped outside to eat Jennifer's ass and pussy after she tried to climb through the window but got caught. Goran got a double blowjob from Jennifer and me before hitting Jennifer with a spoon. When it was my turn, Goran doggystyled me, and after riding his cock once more, he sticky-finished by showering Jennifer with his come!

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