Doctor Gives Czech Babe Wet Panties

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Izzy Delphine, a lovely blonde, walked into my workplace today looking very fit in a white little skirt! When Izzy did squats, though, she had excruciating knee discomfort, which occasionally spread to her back. I asked her to show me how she did her job, and I could hear the gorgeous babe's knee click. As I investigated, it happened more, so I had her lie down on the table to see if I could stretch the muscles out, but then I noticed her pants were a bit damp! Izzy admitted that it happens when she's among males in uniform, and that I was turning her on by touching her. I put my hand on Izzy's pussy and asked her to show me. I was smitten by the way she looked at me, those seductive eyes! I dropped down on my knees and banged the hot fitness freak all over my workplace faster than you can say housecall. And, hey, it was for the greater good since her knee got a good stretch! After we were done, Izzy could squat like a pro.

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