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but a pregnancy test she after sending her to obtain me a urine sample, I quickly had her on my examining table, undressed. I assured her I'd test her, and as I slipped my doctor's digits into her very tight, wet hole, I began to inquire if she'd considered artificial insemination. I was attempting to persuade her that I could plant my seed because she was desperate for a child and that she could bring it up with her boyfriend, who appeared to be blank. She wasn't keen at first, but as I slipped my gleaming gloved fingers in and out of her, she became more receptive. I quickly silenced her by sucking her juicy pussy after continuously assured her no one would ever find out about this. I eased my cock into her love tunnel because she was groaning with pleasure and I was yearning to be deep within her. I pumped in and out of her, feeling her tremble with waves of pleasure as her pussy clutched my cock like it was never going to let go. I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer after turning her around and fucking her from behind. I slid in and out of her, putting her back on her back. It wasn't long until I was implanting my seed deep within her, filling her pussy with the fertility therapy prescribed by the doctor. I puled out and saw this lovely creampie blossoming, so I ordered her to push it back in and wait till tomorrow to wash her pussy. Another wonderful session; I genuinely like assisting my patients.

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