Full Body Therapy

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My next patient didn't have an appointment, but she stated that she needed to see me right away, so I sent her in. She was a lovely young lady who was suffering from groin pain after slipping off her roller skates. Of course, because this is my area of expertise, I was eager to get started. Then my receptionist walked in and offered to help me with the examination. I knew what she wanted because I could tell she liked this one, and I figured I could share this patient because she is always willing to help me out. I was watching her offer a massage to the lady's pussy and upper thighs with her finger tips. I was in awe as she did her magic, and I had my cock in my hand the entire time, wanking over all I was watching. It didn't take long for the patient to become enamored with her pussy, and she was soon running her fingers all over it, then getting up to rub her tongue all over the receptionist's pussy as she moaned with joy. It was soon my turn, and I couldn't take it any longer.

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