Hard sex after doc frees love balls

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When Ali Bordeaux knocked on my door today, I was sitting in my office. I've been practicing medicine at the Fake Hospital for a long time, and I've seen a lot of weird medical cases, but this one was in a different league. Ali had been having fun the night before, but when she tried to use love balls in her pussy, they became stuck! She didn't want them removed in front of my office's cameras, so she requested that the process be performed in the restroom. I quickly and painlessly withdrew the love balls with the elegance of my steady doctor hands. Ali was so relieved that she wanted to thank me with a blowjob right then, and I wasn't about to refuse! Once she was warmed on, I promised to repay the favor by sucking her petite boobs and paddling her large ass on my examination table! I fucked her pussy all over my office and then came all over her face!

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