Naughty Nurse Heals Sexy Patient With Her Tongue

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This attractive lady was on vacation when she damaged her back and came to our facility for treatment. My faithful nurse was definitely smitten with this lovely lady and virtually begged me to let her massage her. She was itching to get her hands dirty with this new patient of ours. As the nice doctor that I am, I let the nurse practice her healing techniques before making my excuses and exiting the room. What happened next was a passionate sexual experience, as it turned out this new patient was bisexual, and after a few moments of having my nurses digits knead her back and bottom, she was ready for some intense therapy. They were quickly engulfed in each other's arms on the examining table, causing lovely orgasms between them. There's nothing more enticing than two passionate women who know how to please each other. They were both clothed as if nothing had happened when I returned, but the party was just getting started; the nurse had prepared her for me, and now it's my chance to work my magic on this patient's injury in the following update.

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