Fake Hospital: Naughty Nurse Heals Sexy Patient With Her Tongue

Naughty Nurse Heals Sexy Patient With Her Tongue

This sexy patient was on holiday and injured her back so came straight to our clinic to receive treatment. My trusty nurse clearly had the hots for this stunning woman and practically begged me to allow her to massage her. She wanted to get hands on and down and dirty with this new patient of ours. Being the good doctor that I am, I allowed the nurse to practise her healing skills, made my excuses and left the room. What transpired was an intense sexual encounter as it turned out this new patient was bisexual and after a few moment s of having her back and bottom kneaded by my nurses digits she was all up for some intense therapy. They were soon all wrapped up in each others arms on the examination table as they brought each other to some beautiful orgasms. There is nothing sexier then two women who know how to pleasure each other going at it with passion. Upon my return they were both dressed as though nothing had transpired, but this party was just getting started, the nurse had prepped her for me, in the next update it's my turn to work my magic on this patients injury.

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