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Isabelle Deltore wants more of the Landlord's dick after fucking him with her girlfriend, Martina Smeraldi! Isabelle Deltore makes sure her booty is well within view of the door to her room while pretending to be sleeping. When the Landlord comes around the corner, he notices her cute little butt poking out and walks into the room. The Landlord grips the bum as he sits on the bed, and Isabelle asks him to take her pants down. The Landlord discovers a heart-shaped buttplug within the blonde after stripping her! Isabelle's pussy is played with by the Landlord, who then drags her up, strips her, and sucks her pussy. The Landlord climbs on top of her and worhips her large pierced tits before fucking her blonde pussy with his big dick. After making Isabelle squirm, the Landlord pulls out the buttplug and fucks her ass as well, till Isabelle begs for his seed!

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