Between a Blonde and Brunette

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Lily Joy and Sofia Lee are lesbian lovers travelling across the countryside when they stop at the Fake Hostel for a warm bed to fuck in. They let themselves in because the door was unlocked, and when they saw a key on the desk, they went to find their room. The lesbians rip each other's clothes off as soon as they get inside. When Sofia goes to return the favor, Lily licks Sofia's large, juicy tits, and Sofia catches Tommy Woods observing them from the doorway. Sofia shoos him away and says she'll be right back to Lily. Tommy returns to the room and consumes Lily's pussy, after which she sucks his massive dick! Lily conceals Tommy under the sheets when her lover returns, so he can watch them sit on each other's faces! Tommy can't stop himself from wanking, and when he does, Sofia gets squirted in the face! He fucks Lily and then covers their tits in more cum after the girls decide they want more. The girls laugh as they kick Tommy out and finish each other off with jizz-covered scissoring!

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