Cheating Girlfriends Caught Sticky Handed

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Blonde bombshell Lucky Bee passes by as Jayla De Angelis and her boyfriend check in at the Fake Hostel. Jayla is drawn to Lucky right away after catching a peek of her naturally perky tits. The long-haired lesbians sneak away for some sinful fun when they're turned on. After stripping and worshiping each other's boobs, Jayla spreads Lucky's long, slender legs and enjoys her pussy. Lucky then stands doggystyle and fingers the bust-hugging brunette's tight hole. Curved Marvin, Jayla's cuckolded boyfriend, hears the groans and investigates. Marvin is brought into the bedroom by the slender beauties for a steamy threesome after learning about Lucky and Jayla's lesbian escapades. After giving Marvin a double blowjob, Jayla and Lucky alternate getting their orgasmic fills from his enormous cock. Marvin jerks off and covers the stunning babes in his jizz as he's ready to cum!

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