Here We Go, Here We Go!

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Alexis Crystal, Megan Inky, and Poopea Pons are on their way to Russia for the World Cup, but first they must stop at the Fake Hostel. The ladies, dressed in their soccer jerseys, kick open the door to the Fake Hostel and rush inside, then summon the Landlord with a burst of their fake horns. The Landlord brings the women to their rooms before retiring for the night...but the ladies had other ideas! The women drag the Landlord into their room, duct tape him to the bed frame, and then use his bare ass as target practice for their field goal kicks (which he enjoys)! After they've had their fun, it's his turn to have some fun with them, so the ladies let their hair down, and all four of them have a scorching orgy that finishes in a triple facial!

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