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Cage and Zaawaadi, who are in love, embark on a relationship-affirming trip and stay at the Fake Hostel for the night. Zaawaadi and Cage are escorted to their room after passing the Landlord's temperature test. Cage takes a shower to prepare for steamy times after stripping down to his underwear. Without him, Zaawaadi gets started and begins to play with herself. The evil Landlord notices her groans and slips between her thighs to suck her pussy. Zaawaadi sees that her boyfriend isn't the one who is eating her out, but the Landlord does such a terrific job that she doesn't mind! Zaawaadi gives the Landlord a deepthroat blowjob while standing him up, then lets him fuck her and lick her ass! Zaawaadi's climax is so strong that she lets the Landlord finish with a facial... just in time for Cage to intervene.

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