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The Landlord shows Mina Moreno and Tabitha Poison to their room as they arrive at the Fake Hostel. Mina complains that she is hungry as he turns to leave them to their own devices. The Landlord, a skilled chef, sears some steaks in a skillet, makes a side salad, then adds his secret ingredient: a load of jizz! The ladies gobble up the dish and demand to know what's in it. The Landlord displays the enormous cock he's been hiding! Still hungry, the girls give him a double blowjob. They strip and tease him with their asses while standing up, then the Landlord fucks Tabitha standing doggystyle. After a 69 special, he pulls out of Mina doggystyle to cum in Tabitha's mouth, and both ladies get to feel the Landlord's massive, hard dick within their tight, wet pussies. After that, the ladies snowball and have a good time with the load!

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