Plumbing Issues at the Hostel

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Chloe Lamour starts working at the Fake Hostel, and her first two guests are blonde hottie Dominno and Jack 23. Chloe introduces them to their room before showing them around the bathroom... but the toilet is broken! Chloe and Dominno return to the room, handing tools to Jack 23 to repair. Chloe makes her move, yanking Dominno's shorts down and licking and fingering her pussy. Dominno licks and sucks Chloe's enormous tits when she turns around, then the ladies climb into bed and start tribbing, rubbing their pussies together for pleasure. When Jack23 returns to the room, he discovers his sweetheart in the embraces of another woman, which he adores! Chloe swallows her man's dick while Dommino pounds her snatch, and Chloe eats Dommino's pussy while Jack pounds her snatch. Finally, in 1969, the ladies devour each other alive while Jack fucks Dominno till he pulls out and covers them both in come!

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