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Flame-haired When Steve Q enters, Gigi Rouge is restrained to the bunk bed with a ball gag in her mouth, and he commands her to leave the Fake Hostel. Gigi wants to up their kinky game because she isn't quite ready to leave just yet. Steve lavishes Gigi with passionate kisses, adoring her petite, perky breasts before slipping a finger into her sopping wet pussy. He face fucks the tattooed slut with his enormous cock before turning her around and spanking her bare ass. The muscular man uses Gigi's ponytail as leverage to penetrate her while she is standing doggy-style. The pierced girl then gives Steve a messy blowjob by taking the entire length of his erection in her mouth before sucking on his balls and rimming his ass! The redheaded Brit rides Steve's rod cowgirl-style while putting her tight pussy on it before the two engage in a sensual side fuck. When Steve is about to go, Gigi kneels in front of him so she can scoop up his heavy load with her lips.

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