Revenge Is Salty

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When Sophia Grace learns that her boyfriend has cheated on her, she and her friends Lexi Dona, Elena Vega, and Emily Bright decide that revenge is the best way to get even with him! The ladies decide to film Sophia being beaten up and send it to her ex, and who should show up but the Landlord. All of his pals pounce on him. Sophia spits out her tits and tells him how it's going to be: she's going to enjoy his cock! While her friends video, the Landlord squeals with delight as she licks his cock, then smiles broadly as she nibbles his ass. Sophia then takes a strong ride on the Landlord's cock before instructing him to finger her till she squirts. The Landlord pulls Sophia's pussy out and cums on her face after some furious doggystyle.

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