Scouts From The Other Side

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When George Uhl, the troop master of Troop 69, notices a disturbance in the sky, he leads his scouts Amy Red and Lovita Fate to the Fake Hostel, the only location he knows they can hide. The troop arrives at the Hostel and hears a couple fucking in the next room over. George sends Lovita to the top bunk of the room's bunkbed and Amy to the bottom bunk, then warns both girls that no funny behavior is expected. Amy decides that funny business is precisely what she wants in the middle of the night, and she seduces George with her enormous tits. Lovita says she wants a turn when she's pleased, so George licks her pussy till Amy decides to join in for round two! George's firm cock is enjoyed by Amy and Lovita alternately till he cums on Amy's ass, at which point he becomes erect again and continues to please the chicks!

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