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Michael Fly, a potential buyer, is shown around the Fake Hostel by real estate agent Josephine Jackson. Michael wanders about the hostel, trying to open every door and squeeze into every nook and cranny. When the realtor leads the customer down the basement room, they find exposed wires that are spewing electricity! Michael notices Marilyn Sugar greased up and shackled to the bed as Josephine mulls over a solution! Marilyn says to Michael, "Fuck Me," and by the time Josephine noticed the blonde girl, Michael is balls-deep within her pussy! When Michael offers to buy the home in exchange for fucking Marilyn, Josephine decides to show off her large, natural tits and participate in the fun. The ladies give Michael a double blowjob, then take turns riding his massive dick, before he tit-fucks Josephine till he pulls out to put his tongue in Marilyn's.

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