Stuck Under A Christmas Tree

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Sereyna Gomez and Candi Luciani, two gorgeous brunettes, are in need of help after a little accident while putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree. Fortunately, dark-haired hottie Michael Fly notices their plight and comes to their aid. Sereyna and Candi invite the well-hung guy to stuff their stockings with his large package as a token of their appreciation. French babe Candi gags on Michael's long, thick cock in a steamy double blowjob, then gets on all fours to take a doggystyle fucking from behind while eating out Sereyna's tight, moist pussy. Michael then beats the stunning Czech in missionary position while Candi works her tongue over Sereyna's clit. Next, Sereyna leans against Michael's face for an ardent tongue fuck while long-haired beauty Candi rides on top of the delectable sugar cane in a cowgirl fashion. The naughty nymphos extend their mouths wide as Michael jerks off, promising them a white Christmas, after cupping several times.

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