Fake Hostel: The Fake Taxi Movie Episode Two: The Crash

The Fake Taxi Movie Episode Two: The Crash

Having just arrived at the Fake Hostel, Ariana Van X and Victoria Nyx are playing with their boobs and taking naughty selfies when the out-of-control Fake Taxi crashes into the building! Startled, Ariana and Victoria take refuge inside the laundry room, where dark-haired stud Lando Ryder is taking a shower, and the pair soon forget about their frightening encounter with the runaway cab once they see Lando's rock-hard physique! Stripping naked, Ariana and Victoria hop into the cubicle and start lathering up their gorgeous bodies, teasing Lando until he has a huge erection. Kneeling down, Lando eats out hot brunette Victoria’s wet pussy while Ariana touches herself, and then the sexy nymphos treat Lando to a raunchy double blowjob before heading into one of the bedrooms. The tattooed hunk takes turns pounding Ariana and Victoria's tight holes from behind doggystyle and gives them a spanking for good measure! Next, curvaceous beauty Ariana rides Lando cowgirl-style, bouncing her nice round ass on his lap, and then raven-haired Victoria takes her place. When Lando is ready to erupt, Ariana and Victoria lick, suck, and jerk off his thick dick until they each get a mouthful of cum!

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