The Fake Taxi Movie Episode Two: The Crash

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Ariana Van X and Victoria Nyx have just gotten at the Fake Hostel and are toying with their breasts and taking wicked pictures when the out-of-control Fake Taxi plows into the structure! Ariana and Victoria are startled and flee to the wash room, where dark-haired stud Lando Ryder is taking a shower. As soon as they meet Lando, they quickly forget about their terrifying encounter with the runaway cab. Ariana and Victoria strip down, enter the cubicle, and begin lathering up their stunning bodies while tease Lando till he develops a massive erection. While Ariana touches herself, Lando kneels down and sucks out hot brunette Victoria's moist pussy. The sexy nymphs then give Lando a risqué double blowjob before leading him into one of the bedrooms. Ariana and Victoria's tight spots get regularly pummeled dog-style from behind by the tattooed hottie, who also spanks them for good measure. Then, until raven-haired Victoria takes her place, curvy beauty Ariana rides Lando in a cowgirl-style while bouncing her lovely round ass on his lap. Ariana and Victoria lick, suck, and jerk off Lando's thick dick as they are ready to explode, and then they each taste his come!

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