The Frozen Girls Prank

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Lovita Fate and Tiny, best friends Tina and her friends are bored to tears in the Fake Hostel, so they decide to play a practical joke on the next person to enter the room! The ladies agree to stay frozen no matter what happens, so when Tommy Woods finds them, they fight back their laughing. Tommy tries to persuade the ladies to respond, but they remain unfazed, even when Tommy starts paddling their butts and sucking their tits! Tommy fucks the women' faces and then covers them both with a facial after positioning them in all the places he desires. Tommy fucks both girls standing doggystyle right away, but she cries "boo" and startles him as he pounds Tina's pussy missionary! The girls give Tommy a double blowjob now that they can move, then ride his cock till he gives them a second facial.

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