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It's Jack23's first day as a helper at the Fake Hostel, where he'll be working alongside the Landlord. When Nikki Fox, a lovely brunette, leases a place, the Landlord takes her to the basement. Nikki chooses to take a shower while inside. When Jack23 notices her soaping up her perky tits, he tries to flee but is quickly apprehended! Nikki, shooing him away but aroused, begins to touch herself, attracting the Landlord's stare and penis. This piques Nikki's interest even more, and she begins sucking his cock. Nikki is so horny after giving one man a blowjob that she invites Jack23 to join her, and the two studs take turns filling her pussy and spanking her ass! The Landlord cums on her face, then Jack cums on her pussy, after a fantastic threesome.

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