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The Landlord is worn out from all the pussy-pounding he does at the Fake Hostel! Romy Indy and Stacy Cruz, two backpackers in need of a room, and while he has to admit how attractive they are, the enthusiasm isn't there. He leads the ladies to their room, where they choose to shower. Romy admires Stacy's large, natural tits, and the ladies like rubbing pussies together. When the Landlord returns, he is jolted awake by the sight of the lovely lesbians and joins in the fun. The Landlord makes them give him a double blowjob after burying his face in each of their booties. The Landlord grabs Stacy and Romy's hair and drags them into the bedroom, where he fucks them both till they come. Finally, the Landlord fucks Stacy doggystyle and cums on both her ass and Romy's waiting tongue!

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