Your Girlfriend is my Girlfriend

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Mary Jane and Zuzu Sweet, lesbian lovers, rent a room in the Fake Hostel, but Mary Jane has a secret: she's having an affair with Angelo Godshack, and she tells him to check in as well! Mary and Zuzu enter their room, and a horny Zuzu spreads her legs for some foreplay with her pussy. While Mary is engrossed in watching the brunette finger, Angelo grabs her attention and leads her to another room so Mary can give the guy a blowjob! While Angelo sucks her tits, the cheating bisexual stunner rides Angelo's dick, but her moans draw Zuzu into the room. Angelo flees, and Zuzu eats Mary while Angelo jerks away. He cums like a cannon when he can't hold back his load and covers both babes in jizz. Zuzu gets turned on instead of upset, and the girls double team Angelo for a horny threesome. After Angelo does a double facial on both girls, Zuzu and Angelo realize they don't need Mary Jane any longer! See you later!

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