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Amber Deen, a blonde harlot, flagged me down on the side of the road. Amber requested a free trip, but I'd accumulated up so much debt by providing free rides that I informed her it was money or nothing! I saw she had nipple clamps on her tits when she flashed them to me, but it wasn't enough to persuade me. Amber then turned around and spread her arse in front of me, telling me I could finally have the anal I'd been craving for so long. It's like music to my ears! Amber gave me the keys as I looked for a parking spot, and then I fucked her with a cucumber to get it ready! Amber rode me with my cock in her pussy and in her ass, and I couldn't decide which I liked better! The slut kicked it in the balls and then let me load all over her tits and spectacles.

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