Asian Legs That Go All The Way Up

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When the tall, busty Asian opened the door, I was on my break. Normally, I'd tell her to suck it, but she was just too attractive to ignore. Alina was on her way to the town center, and I observed her take off her top only five minutes into our journey! Alina explained that she needed to change since she was meeting a man, and when she slid down her pants, I saw she was missing her knickers. I advised Alina that I would have no choice but to contact the cops because of the attractive naked Asian in the backseat! The ride was very pricey, so I promised her I'd waive the money if she fucked me. I pulled over to the side of the road and slid into the backseat with her. She sucked my cock like an expert, and with her enormous natural boobs, the Asian honey gave me a titwank. I penetrated her tight pussy missionary, then she rode me till I was barely in time to cum on her ass.

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