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This morning, Gina Snow boarded the Fake Taxi and requested a ride into the city. When I saw that she had brought cake, I informed the hot brunette that food wasn't allowed in the cab, which didn't make her happy. Gina then offered to strike a bargain with me and flashed me her stunning boobs! When she spilled cream all over the chairs, I told her she could have her cake but she would have to pay for the cleaning if she didn't show me more of her lovely body. Gina consented, and once I joined the busty babe in the backseat, I fucked her face with my rock-hard dick after she undressed to her underwear! Before giving me a shoddy blowjob, the Swedish prostitute stroked my manhood between her large tits. I then assumed the missionary position and banged her tight snatch. Gina then bounced cowgirl-style on my large shaft before receiving a hefty blow from behind, dog-style. I withdrew out and poured my secretions into her mouth after she had orgasmed several times, and then I watched as she sucked up every last drop!

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